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Radioland October 2014


Welcome! Each month we bring you a sampling in print of hot topics being discussed on KBBF 89.1FM and in the community we serve. For those who are new to the world of bilingual public radio, we are a potpourri of cultural flavors, news, interviews, local events, and commentary. We call it Radioland!

¿Qué Pasa? — What’s New?

The new studio is now on the air, and has become a hit as programmers complete their training and orient themselves to the organization, features and layout.

KBBF has been thanking the folks who donated during its on air fund drive. The ten day campaign was launched at the monthly dinner/dance/rent party at the Carpenters' Labor Center. The audience danced to hot Latin jazz provided by Los Ritmicos de Beto Vera. The group has been recording and performing cumbia for nearly 30 years.

¿Qué Dice la Gente? — What’s the Buzz?

In September KBBF co-sponsored, along with Project Censored, a presentation by former CIA officer and current peace activist Ray McGovern at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa. McGovern spoke about the rise of the national security state and the ongoing threat to human rights. A CIA analyst for some 30 years, Ray McGovern exposed the way intelligence was being falsified to justify war on Iraq. Other sponsors for the evening were Media Freedom Foundation, ACLU, SSU Sociology Social Justice and Activism Club, Vets for Peace, KWTF, Guns and Butter, Move to Amend, Peace and Justice Center, and the Petaluma Progressives.

A contingent of KBBF programmers and volunteers joined poets, musicians, and artists around the world in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for serious social, environmental and political change marched with the community of 100,000 Poets for Change from Julliard park to Courthouse Square on Sept. 27.

KBBF 89.1 FM brought an informational table to the 17th annual Progressive Festival in Petaluma — along with many other social justice, environmental, labor, and community organizations.

Elaine B. Holtz took on local labor and social justice issues in her interviews on Women’s Spaces, Mondays at 11am. Lisa Maldonado, Executive Director North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO, provided some insights into the Fast Food Workers strike. Susan Lamont, Coordinator for the Peace and Justice Center gave an update on the protest at Urban Shield, a SWAT exposition showcasing the latest in militarized police equipment. Caroline Banuelos explained her work as Chair of the Sonoma County Community and Law Enforcement Task Force.

By the way, we’ve waited long enough; it’s time for RadioLand to invite our readers to recite the Self Esteem Pledge that Elaine B. Holtz shares every week on Women’s Spaces: “My self esteem does not depend on anything outside of me. My self esteem depends on my relationship to myself and my higher power.”

The Broken Record Radio Show explored fracking in California, and the Keystone XL Pipeline with our special guest Lesley Haddock, who just returned from a nation-spanning trip where she worked to document people’s struggles with big oil. Sociologist, journalist and author Peter Phillips from Project Censored came on to talk about all the news that didn’t make the news, and why that news was left out. Guest co-host Jess Perez talked about community organizing, Andy Lopez, and Gaza solidarity.

On the Roseland Report, Louie Gutierrez interviewed Richard Movescamp, traditional Lakota Healer, and featured breaking news reports live from Mexico, presented by Molly Kate Goss, a long-time KBBF programmer. A big issue there is the selling off of publicly-owned resources like the nation’s petroleum. Factoid: Gasoline prices are higher in Mexico than in US, and people there earn much less.

En el Calendario — On the Calendar

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