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Radioland August 2014


Here is a sampling in print of topics being discussed on KBBF-FM 89.1, and in the community we serve. Bilingual public radio is constantly stirring up a potpourri of cultural flavors, events, local-to-world news, interviews, and commentary — in English as well as Spanish. Welcome to Radioland!

¿Qué Pasa? — What’s New?

When you’re a radio station and you’ve moved your center of operations, you still haven’t really moved — until you bring your transmitter over with you. After 40 years KBBF 89.1 FM has now completed the move. We’ve brought over the station transmitter from our former headquarters on Finley Avenue to our new offices at the Carpenters’ Labor Center on Corby Avenue in Santa Rosa.

The station signal is even stronger and effectively reaches into all or part of 18 counties in northern California. Chief architects of the move are the station’s chief engineer Alan Bloom and tech committee volunteers Bernie Hovden and Andre Andrus, and a great thank you goes to them.

KBBF’s mid-June Cultural Festival was a huge success bringing tablers from more than 20 community service organizations, City and County governmental service agencies with information for visitors. Included were the Santa Rosa Water Resources Agency, Sonoma County Health Services, the Chicana/Latina Foundation, the ACLU, and the Fire Department. Low-rider clubs from the Bay Area some from Vallejo, Oakland and San Francisco brought their cars for the most popular display. De Colores played music throughout the afternoon to the great pleasure of all. Some photos from the event are here.

¿Qué Dice la Gente? — What’s the Buzz?

In July, the station was flooded with calls from listeners eager to express their concerns over the current legal status of the Andy Lopez police shooting case. Many people are aware by now that Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch issued a decision not to prosecute the County Sheriff’s deputy who shot 13-year old Andy Lopez.

As the community moves forward together to understand and explore next steps in creation of a safe community a number of KBBF’s programmers continue to offer discussion forums.

Concerned listeners are following Encuentros de Mundos (bilingual); Caminos Indigenas; The Broken Record Show (English); Musicos, Poetas y Otros (bilingual); The Roseland Report (bilingual); Lideras del Futuro (bilingual); Diaspora Latina (bilingual); and Voz del Pueblo (bilingual).

You can find the times and dates of these shows on the broadcast schedule. To share your opinion and participate in the conversation use the KBBF studio line at (707) 545-0318.

En el Calendario — On the Calendar

Mark your calendar for August 16, the 3rd Saturday in August. Edgar Avila, our own DJ Broken Record, is putting together a youth-oriented event which will take place at the Carpenters’ Union Center, 1700 Corby Avenue, Santa Rosa. DJ Broken Record will mix up the music. Details will be posted soon at Events Calendar.


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