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Radioland July 2015


Welcome! Radioland is our monthly column in the Sonoma County Gazette. Each month we bring you a sampling in print of hot topics being discussed on KBBF 89.1FM and in the community we serve. For those who are new to the world of bilingual public radio, we are a potpourri of cultural flavors, news, interviews, local events, and commentary. We call it Radioland!

¿Qué Pasa? — What’s New?

KBBF continues to expand its non-broadcast presence in social media. At the KBBF website, you can find links to our Facebook page, which is updated frequently with new photos, videos and news reports.

Our Twitter account is @KBBF_radio. We've been putting amazing news and event photos on Instagram, where our address is kbbf_89.1_fm.

KBBF studio guests and news issues frequently show up on the reports Francisco Lozano posts on CNN iReport. Go to ireport.cnn.com and follow FranciscoLozano.

Fun family events and educational community forums are now featured on KBBF’s Community Calendar, which is broadcast daily at 8am, 5pm and 8pm on 89.1 FM. It adds interest for our listeners, and presents an opportunity to outreach into the Spanish speaking community. Send your event fliers to: calendario@kbbf-fm.org. Special consideration for inclusion in the Community Calendar goes to members of KBBF and other non-profit service organizations.

¿Qué Dice la Gente? — What’s the Buzz?

Media Discovers Media: KBBF's weekly program “Queer Life” and its host Kaiya Kramer have been written up by Rachel Dovy and can be found on the KQED-Arts blog site, titled “A Transgender Mission on the Bilingual Airwaves”.

The article tells the story of how Kaiya's involvement began at KBBF a year and a half ago. KBBF Board members Alicia Sanchez, Josue Lopez, and David Janda were also interviewed for the article, which focused on the discrimination and violence faced by transgender people, even in a year where the public raved over Caitlin Jenner, and heard the first-ever use of the word “transgender” in a State of the Union address.

Jorge Dalton, son of assassinated Latin American poet Roque Dalton, presented the film “Fusilemos la Noche (Shoot the Night)”, a documentary about the life of his father, at the Carpenters' Hall on June 5. The event was hosted by KBBF. Dalton was better known in Europe and Cuba than in El Salvador, where he was killed (and his memory has been suppressed), or in the U.S., where he is virtually unknown. Jorge has been on a tour of several cities in the U.S. showing the documentary so that his father's books can “come out of the dark.”

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Calendario — Calendar

We'll be inviting everyone to our August outdoor cookout and get-together for service organizations to connect with the public. Groups that want to participate can email: info@kbbf-fm.org

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