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Radioland June 2015


Welcome! Each month we bring you a sampling in print of hot topics being discussed on KBBF 89.1FM and in the community we serve. For those who are new to the world of bilingual public radio, we are a potpourri of cultural flavors, news, interviews, local events, and commentary. We call it Radioland!

¿Qué Pasa? — What’s New?

KBBF is now interviewing applicants for a full time General Manager. Applicants have applied from as far away as the midwest. We hope to have an exciting announcement soon!

KBBF is now airing a weekly Community Calendar. It is being produced by the recent graduates of the station’s new volunteer training programs. Volunteers are recording interviews, editing and airing them and developing their own programming ideas. Organizations wanting to communicate with a large Spanish speaking and bilingual audience should send their event announcements to: programming@kbbf-fm.org. For most effective outreach your announcement should be bilingual.

¿Qué Dice la Gente? — What’s the Buzz?

KBBF 89.1 FM now has its own social media reporter. Francisco Lozano, latest addition to our field journalism team, has brought new coverage and expanded the reach of KBBF's news content on CNN's iReport and social media outlets. Francisco Lozano is a freelance photojournalist living in Sonoma, His reports and photographs can be found on KBBF's Facebook page, brand new KBBF Instagram site and CNN’s iReport site for citizen journalists. 

In early May Francisco attended the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting at which the Law Enforcement Task Force suggestions were presented. He was the the only local journalist who stayed to record the community’s comments at the end, and report them on the air. He has also been reporting on events such as the Caravana 43, which came to KBBF raising awareness of Mexico’s 43 disappeared students. He also traveled with them around California, calling in with live reports. 

He was born in El Salvador and lived in LA for 30 years. A great rapport and stunning results from a volunteer who moved to the area a few months ago and quickly discovered KBBF on the radio dial.

Check out the KBBF Program Schedule for our complete broadcast listings.

Calendario — Calendar

On June 24th Elaine Holtz, host of Women’s Spaces, will present the film “Iron Jawed Angels”, a moving drama about two brilliant activists who led the women’s suffrage movement to victory. The film will be shown at KBBF’s offices, 1700 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa. 

The film’s story begins in 1913, when Alice Paul (played by Hilary Swank) and Lucy Burns (Frances O’Connor) organized the National Women’s Party.  They spearheaded a Women’s Suffrage Parade in Washington DC, then took a more radical step with the Silent Sentinels, who picketed the White House 6 days a week. Despite frequent arrests, the women protested until June 4, 1919, when Congress enacted the 19th Amendment. Finally, women got the vote.

Elaine invites readers and listeners to “bring a woman friend to see this move who does not vote, ” so they can appreciate what it took to get that right. “This is a movie you do not want to miss.”

On June 20, the monthly KBBF rent party promises to be another good one. Beside the always good company we will present sweet music and serve lots of delicious food.

KBBF 89.1 FM’s studio and business office are located at the Labor Center, 1700 Corby Ave, Santa Rosa. Feel free to visit or call the office at (707) 545-8833 during business hours. The studio number is (707) 545-0318.

Our Mission is to create a strong multilingual voice that empowers and engages the community to achieve social justice through education, celebration of culture and local and international news coverage.


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