Installing the New Back-up Generator

Engineering committee members Bernie Hovden and J.D. Thompson worked with two technicians from Leete's Generators to remove the old Kohler generator and install a new 15kW Kohler generator and transfer switch up at the transmitter site on Mt. St. Helena.  While there, Bernie and JD removed manzanita brush from around the propane gas tank so as to reduce fire hazard to the tank.  On installation, the generator was started and powered the transmitter, switching on automatically when PG&E power was disconnected, just as it is designed to do.  The generator will exercise itself on a weekly basis.  This means that it will be started automatically, apply power to the transmitter for a few minutes, and then shut down.  A BIG sigh of relief now that this generator is in place!!  No more worries about losing PG&E power due to broken poles or downed power lines.